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To realize our vision of Africa with sustained improvement….

………..in the nutrition status, IFNA’s three approach guides participating countries and organizations. These approaches form a basis of stakeholder coordination mechanisms that create synergy of multi-sectoral field actions.

understand our Multi-Sectoral Approach

understand our Multi-Partner Approach

Multi-Sectoral Approach

Food security, adequate care and feeding practices, and access to health service are interdependent to promote good nutrition. Using agriculture as an entry point, IFNA promotes multi-sectoral approach, integrating agriculture with other sectors, such as education, health, water and sanitation, social protection, into nutrition improvement actions.

Multi-Partner Approach

The governments alone cannot address the nutrition challenges. IFNA encourages national and sub-national governments to work with various stakeholder including communities, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academia. As multi-stakeholder partnership platform, IFNA also benefits from collective experiences, knowledge, and technical expertise of the participating countries and Steering Committee member organizations.


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Nutrient Focused Approach (NFA)

Nutrient Focused Approach (NFA) is an approach to identify nutrient deficiency and design the context-specific dietary diversification solutions to tackle the nutrition issues that are identified. This also can be used as a tool to guide specific roles of the agricultural sector in the nutrition issues.