Preparatory surveys were conducted in the ten (10) IFNA participating countries from May to October 2017. The schedules of all surveys conducted are outlined in the table below.

The purpose of the survey was to map out ongoing policy and programme efforts, to identify critical gaps and potential areas for linkages, and to draw up IFNA’s strategic directions with a particular focus on how to leverage multi-sectoral synergies that could accelerate the impact on the nutritional status of people in need.


Taking the country-specific contexts into account, strategic directions in each country were expected to be proposed with an emphasis on harnessing synergistic effects of a multisectoral approach to improve the nutritional status of the people.


The surveys were conducted through the following process:

  • Desk Reviews
  • Preparation of Interview Forms
  • Key-Informant Interviews
  • Programme Site Visits
  • Analysis
  • Workshop


As outcomes of the surveys, target nutrition issues and focus geographical areas were identified during the surveys. The surveys also assisted in coming up with a list of potentially synergistic interventions in each country, to propose a strategic direction and to promote multi-sectoral synergy in focus areas.