Nutrition News Articles

‘Ban junk food and fizzy drinks from schools.’

Health professionals and academics have expressed serious concern over the increase in overweight and obese children and are calling for a ban on fizzy drinks and junk foods at school stalls.

Microsoft 4Afrika extends IT skills One Million Farmers platform

Microsoft, through its 4Afrika Initiative, has officially promised support to the One Million Farmers Platform through disruptive agricultural technologies. The platform, an initiative of the World Bank, aims to increase the productivity, profitability and resilience of one million African farmers.

Communal Health Support Scheme launches its Basic Healthcare initiative through a public health outreach in Sagbokoji

According to the World Health Organization, the Nigerian healthcare system’s performance ranked 187 out of 191 countries. Communal Health Support Scheme (CHSS), a youth-led organization has launched its Basic Healthcare Initiative to provide basic healthcare to rural communities and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

OFID funds Africa with $140 million for public development projects

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) has approved $310 million to finance different developing countries, of which $140 million is for five African countries, namely Niger, Congo DR, Lesotho, Malawi and Uganda.

Nigeria: Senate Moves to Provide for Right to Freedom From Hunger

The Nigerian Senate began move to regulate bills which provide the right to free from hunger, and to adequate food of acceptable quality, and the right of every Child to Basic Nutrition.

Cooperation with China on Juncao technology important to Rwanda: official

Sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce, experts from China’s Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University provided training for Juncao technology, which can be used for producing mushroom, animal feed and biomass fuel, to 45 Rwandan people.

Local products to promote healthy eating in Africa

The Innovative Cooperative for Optimal Nutrition (ICON) launched a new collective brand in Burkina Faso with the aim of supporting the consumption, production and trade of local, highly nutrient-rich food products.

Biofortified Food, a Business Boost for Smallholder Farmers

A start-up Sky Brands in Zimbabwe, where 36 percent of children under five years of age suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, is producing high nutrition foods using biofortified crops in a bid to fight micronutrient deficiency.

County Launches Nutritional Action Plan

The County Government of Vihiga in Kenya announced a four-year Nutritional Action Plan with a budget of about 1.6 billion Kenyan Shillings.

Kenya pledges to end child undernutrition as study reveals its costing the economy billions

During the release of the Cost of Hunger in Africa (COHA) Kenya Study report, the Kenyan government argued that it should be prioritized to scale and diverse financing to address malnutrition.

Community kitchen set up in Khayelitsha to fight hunger

A community kitchen, which aims at reducing hunger and malnutrition among the poor and vulnerable youths, has opened in Khayelisha, South Africa.

A Cal Poly professor spent 10 months in Africa improving nutrition research

A professor of nutrition at California Polytechnic State University points out the need for improved nutrition education in Malawi and she works with professors at the University of Malawi College of Medicine.

Kenya’s ugali scare: How safe is your maize flour?

Aflatoxins, a toxic substance associated with an increased risk of liver and kidney, has been detected above standard levels in Kenya, and therefore, several famous brands of maize flour have been collected from supermarkets.

South Sudan: More than 200,000 children forced to flee their homes following flooding

In South Sudan, hundreds of thousands of children and their families are living in temporary housing because their houses crashed down due to heavy rain. It is estimated that 60 per cent of affected people have been severely malnourished since before the heavy rains.

How solar irrigation is transforming farming in Rwanda

With the introduction of an NGO “Energy 4 Impact” in Rwanda, an initiative was launched in 2008, to develop a small-scale solar irrigation market as a way of increasing farmers’ productivity and food security in Rwanda.

Researchers say Western Sahel investment needed to avert crisis.

Three UC Berkeley researchers and their coauthors assert that without significant government investment in family planning, girls’ education, agriculture, and security, West Sahel’s political and economic system could collapse.

St Andrews doctor takes on witchcraft, malaria, malnutrition and snakes in Zambia

A charitable institution “On Call Africa”, which is based in Glasgow, dispatches doctors in Zambia to provide travelling clinics, health education, and training to health volunteers, and support the local health system.

Africa: Scientists Push for Climate-Friendly Farming Methods

At a three-day conference in Addis Ababa, scientists and civil society representatives argued that conventional agriculture causes environmental destruction, and therefore it is not sustainable. The fastest and cheapest way to reverse climate change is through the soil, and agroecology that respect the relationships among plants, animals, people and the environment

Hungarian Model Farms Set up in Africa

Hungarian model farms are being set up in Africa in order to test and show breeding techniques under different climatic conditions.

‘Must do more, better and faster,’ SUN progress report on malnutrition says

Of the 61 countries participating in Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), 11 are supposed to meet the World Health Assembly’s stunt reduction goals by 2025. On the other hand, no country would achieve its goal of reducing anemia among women of reproductive age by 50 per cent and low birth weight babies by 30 per cent by 2025.

Wefarm secures $13 Million in funding to scale its Smallholder Agricultural Ecosystem

Funded $13 Million by True Ventures, “Wefarm”, the digital network for global small-scale agriculture, aims to scale up its network of 1.9 million farmers, and its Marketplace to provide information, products, and service to farmers in Africa, even without an internet connection.

Growing South Africa begins with investing in our children’s nutrition

In South Africa, drought and chronic malnutrition have severe effects on economic growth. When the stunting rate reaches 30%, per capita GDP is reduced by 7% to 10% due to lower academic achievement and higher unemployment.

Sex-for-food: girls face impossible choices in Southern Africa

A large number of populations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique are in food crisis because of drought, cyclones and flooding caused by it, conflict and economic downturn. Following this, the number of girls traded off to purchase foods is also increasing

Bulawayo residents to get nutrition boost

Zimbabwe, November 3, 2019 The “Check It” project intends to improve dietary diversity in high-density areas in Eastern and Southern Africa. (Source: The Standard)

Africa should embrace new techs to tackle food insecurity – AU official

Africa, November 2, 2019 The African Union (AU) encouraged each country to use new agricultural technologies to combat the prevalence of food insecurity and malnutrition in Africa. (Source: Ghana Business News)

The Battle for the Future of Food in Africa

Africa, November 1, 2019 The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) was launched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006, which aims at doubling productivity and incomes for 30 million farm families by 2020, however, there is little evidence it has contributed to reducing poverty and hunger in rural areas. (Source: […]

President launches National Tree Planting Day

The president of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa officially launched this year’s National Tree Planting Day, which is the 1st of December, and the tree planting was held under the theme “Fruit trees for food security and nutrition.”